High Visibility Clothing

5 Questions Safety Manager Should Ask When Choosing High-Visibility Clothing


There is more to choosing hi-visibility clothing than meets the eye. As a responsible employer, worker safety should always be a priority. It is especially critical for those working around moving vehicles and equipment.

Hi-visibility apparel gets defined as a type of clothing designed specifically for the wearer to be more noticeable during any time of the day. It usually falls under the personal protective equipment (PPE) category.
As a safety manager, when you approach the best high-visibility clothing suppliers, you must ask the below questions.
1. Who needs to wear hi-visibility clothing?
You should choose hi-vis workwear for all the workers who need or want to wear such apparel to reduce on-the-job incidents and accidents. Among others, it is essential for highway and railway crews, warehouse workers, airport workers, fire responders, construction workers and many more.

2. How to choose hi-visibility apparel?
The best high-visibility apparel supplier can guide you on this aspect. However, for your understanding, you should follow the rule of the highest contrast between the worker’s body and the surroundings. Like, for those working in and around dense foliage, you can choose red or orange apparel.

3. What are the basics of hi-visibility apparel design?
There are three main components of hi-visibility garments.
Fluorescent materials are brighter than other colors and offer enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. The approved colors include fluorescent red, lime, and orange.
• Retroreflective tape for reflecting light in the source direction.
• Combined performance materials like tape which is fluorescent and retroreflective.

4. What are performance class and garment type designations?
The ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 is a voluntary standard approving the fluorescent material, reflective tape, and prescribing the level of brightness and coverage for a different work environment. Below is a brief on the classification

5. What other features should be a part of the hi-visibility clothing?
Within the ANSI 107-2015 standard, you can make some additions and alterations for worker convenience. You can get sweat-wicking material to prevent skin dryness, adjustable drawstrings on the waist, mesh and broader neck for breathability, pockets without closure and pen slots among others.
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