Klothon has been established as a new brand in 2012, when a young apparel manufacturing entrepreneurship has emerged into a highly successful local business for work wear products. Since then, the local business has developed considerably, positioning itself as one of the leading regional manufacturers in its field.

Over the years Klothon has always preserved its high standards of service and relentless aspiration for excellence. The company has managed to successfully assemble its best in-class professional competence with a powerful business model, generating high levels of customer satisfaction and confidence.

Today, conveniently located in the UAE, we produce and distribute a large and impressive collection of apparel, for almost any type of business and any type of job. By constantly refining our range of products, we help our clients improve their staff’s looks and image, constantly responding to the ongoing changing demands.

Nothing is too difficult or too complex for us. Assembling our proven competence with our extensive expertise, we are able to work with almost any industry and provide both standard and highly tailored products. Klothon delivers its products to companies and organizations across all GCC countries, as well as to clients all over the world.

Klothon’s unrivalled reputation derives from our capable and skilled people who are totally dedicated to our clients’ needs. They are all qualified and specialized professionals who will easily understand your requests and offer optimized tailored work wear solutions for any size, quantity or job.

We are confident that contacting Klothon for your staff’s work ware needs will prove to be one of your most successful decisions. At these times of change and market fluctuations it’s essential to partner with a reliable company that understands your unique business environment and needs. Thank you for visiting Klothon!

Our Strengths

These are what we consider to be our main strengths, here at Klothon:

  • Flexibility : Catering to varied requirements
  • Quality : Quality product at a competitive price
  • Customization
  • Network : Strong Supplier Relationships
  • Variety : Wide range of product lines across industries

Competitive Advantage

Why choose Klothon over other corporate wear and workwear suppliers? It’s a good question! The following information lists what we believe gives us the edge:

  • Experience : over 30 years of cumulative team experience
  • Flexibility : We maintain a flexible approach to our organization, along with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Commitment to Quality :
  • Technology : Leverage it to our advantage

Capacity Infrastructure

1. Klothon offers you the complete in-house product development solution. Our technical team will guide you through all the latest designs and concepts, working with you to guarantee your satisfaction

2. We have garment production units that genuinely are state-of-the-art that helps us achieve the highest possible results in quality and productivity.

3. Our worldwide production capabilities UAE : 25,000 pieces per month, India : 50,000 pieces per month, Sri Lanka : 50,000 pieces per month, China : 50,000 pieces per month, Bangladesh : 50,000 pieces per month, Vietnam : 30,000 pieces per month