Are you Choosing the Right Medical Wear?


Klothon UAE understands how important sanitized and good quality workwear is within the Healthcare industry. Besides upholding a professional image, the right medical wear eliminates any safety issues. Another factor is that wearing uniforms promotes a germ-free environment. And a safer environment will attract more patients and make them choose that particular facility over others. 

Hence, we take pride in delivering professional apparel that portrays corporate identity whilst fighting bacterial growth. Our range of medical wear comprises scrub suits, lab coats, and nurse uniforms that provide comfort and style for your demanding job. 

Time and again, lab coats have been reported to be a great source of microbial growth. And as per the studies in the past, doctor’s apparel is a major reason for the transmission of microbes in hospitals.  Kltohon’s antimicrobial fabric not only prolongs the life of the garment but also minimizes stains and bad odor. Healthcare professionals need to wear the same uniform for a 12-hour shift. They don’t have a choice. This brings the need to practice the best hygiene and safety standards. But, constantly washing hands can’t just help them get rid of viruses. Thus, antimicrobial fabric technology came into the limelight!

Built to last, antimicrobial lab coats at Klothon are engineered with high-quality strengthening agents and fabric blend. The durability keeps them longer than some ordinary scrubs. The fluid-resistant agents function great for prevention against odors and stains. The liquid absorption technology repels unwanted stains and destroys other harmful bacteria in the fabric. Thus, our lab coats are guaranteed with the best safety standards. No matter what your style is, we have a lab coat designed for you! 

We understand that cleanliness is vital to the healthcare industry, Therefore, all our uniforms are cleaned to a very high standard. Before our medical wear goes out to you, it is double-checked to ensure all required standards. 

Aside from just being breathable, Klothon scrubs UAE are made with wrinkle-resistant material, thereby saving you time on ironing. So, it’s important to invest in a fabric that rests easy and eliminates any discomforts. 

There is simply nothing like wearing the right medial workwear. Medical wear has a large number of advantages you cannot overlook.  

What makes Klothon Medical Wear stand out?

Klothon UAE offers medical wear with unique features. You can expect a comfortable fit. You don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Aside from your comfort, these scrubs style you up, so you don’t have to compromise on fashion sense too.

Get rid of the ill-fitting look, try Klothon Lab Coats UAE now! Because you deserve something that fits you.