Bulk Procurement of Hospital Uniforms

March 14, 2022

Every company or organization has specific uniform etiquette as per corporate communications policies. Policies are driven by technical specifications based on the nature of the job and the industry. Uniforms not only offer excellent workplace safety but also reflect the organization’s brand image.

The companies can find the best uniform manufacturers in the industry to place bulk orders for all their staff. The apparel manufacturer Dubai company Klothon has years of experience in offering the best workwear. It is customized to the industry’s specific needs to boost performance and maximize safety. You can contact Klothon, the Dubai uniform manufacturer for uniforms wholesale, who can take up bulk orders and deliver them on time. Klothon, the Dubai uniform manufacturer, understands that healthcare workers have a hectic day and hence designs and manufactures anti-microbial clothing matching the industry-set standards.

Klothon, the hospital uniform wholesale manufacturer, brings you all types of health care work wear like a patient tunic, nurse uniform, doctors scrubdoctor coat for males and females, cleaners clean suit, and nurse tunic, to name a few. All the uniform garments are highly durable.  The Workwear products withstand multiple washes. Klothon, the Dubai apparel manufacturer, also offers customized wholesale t-shirts UAE that enhance the employees’ look and the organization’s brand image in public. The t-shirts can also be printed with logos, graphic features.

You can also look out for custom design clothing in Dubai from Klothon, which can offer quality workwear suitable for your industry standards and workplace conditions. Different criteria are applicable for the workwear according to the industrial work environments. You can customize the order by choosing the garment compositions offered by Klothon, the Dubai apparel manufacturer. Klothon also offers eco-certified and environmentally friendly fabrics, UV protection and fire retardant finishes, and hi-visibility garments according to the client’s specifications.

Klothon specializes in manufacturing custom Workwear. It offers garment compositions like 65% polyester and 35% cotton, 50% polyester and 50% cotton, 50% nylon, and 50% cotton. You can be 100% assured about the quality and standards of corporate and industrial uniforms.

Klothon is your best choice regarding any workwear and uniform requirements in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the entire Middle East and Africa.

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