Guidelines for Hospitals looking to Procure Medical Wear

December 17, 2022
Guidelines for Hospitals looking to Procure Medical Wear - Scrubs
Guidelines for Hospitals looking to Procure Medical Wear

Hospitals typically purchase medical wear through various methods. They buy directly from manufacturers or distributors. Hospitals leverage procurement service, or participating in a group purchasing organization. The technique may depend on the hospital’s size, budget, and purchasing policies.

Guidelines for Hospitals looking to Procure Medical Wear

Hospitals typically have specific guidelines for the types of medical wear they purchase. Their purchase requirements includes material, fit, and durability. They may also have conditions related to infection control and sterilization. The requirements may include specific types of medical wear for different departments or specialties within the hospital.

In addition to purchasing medical wear, hospitals may also have policies for the proper use, care, and disposal of medical wear. The policies also include guidelines for laundering, sterilizing, and replacing medical wear as needed to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of infection.

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About Klothon

Klothon is a workwear brand established in the UAE in 2012. We are the preferred workwear partners for companies in the Middle East.

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Nine years ago, we set out to build a company that makes high-quality and comfortable workwear.

Klothon founders firmly believe that workforce is the frontline that helps builds society. Workwear is their first skin at work that protects and provides comfort and recognition of who they are.

Klothon has consistently helped client organizations express themselves and stand out by choosing suitable workwear for their workforce.

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