Here’s Why Klothon Scrub Suits Are in Demand


When it comes to the healthcare industry, the workwear counts to be of utmost importance. Not only does it lower the incidence of surgical site infections but also acts as a second skin for healthcare workers. 

The demands of the procurement department are quite intense, and having the right clothing is as much about comfort as it is about functionality. At Klothon, we understand the various needs of the medical industry and are therefore committed to delivering quality-oriented products at reasonable prices.

Our range of medical clothing covers lab coats and medical scrubs to nurse uniforms. 

When you’re on the frontlines, our medical scrubs keep you ready for any challenges that come your way. To understand more as to why Klothon’s Scrub Suits UAE are in demand, keep reading:

Our Range of Medical Scrubs Are Soft and Breathable

Every single product in our catalog has been designed using lightweight and breathable fabric. Its flexible material allows for full movement. The fabric holds importance for its moisture-wicking, wear-resisting, wrinkle, and crease resisting properties. 

We curate our professional apparel using advanced performance fabrics because the medical workers who perform every single day, deserve no less. 

When tested for strength and liquid repellency, our scrub suits achieved the highest possible quality in the industry. 

Put an End to Microbes With Our Antimicrobial Scrub Suits 

Scrub suits are a significant source of microbial growth in the healthcare industry. With surgeons moving from patients to patients within the premises, preventing the spread of microbes becomes necessary. Klothon offers scrub suits with long-lasting microbial protection. With the advanced antibacterial fabric, healthcare workers enjoy better hygiene, less odor, and a cleaner dressing. 

Klothon guarantees the durability of our scrub fabrics- The fabric is a real game-changer. Not only is it blissfully comfortable but also offers real benefits that these professionals are accountable for. Our new line of performance scrubs minimizes stains, thereby retaining the fabric’s natural softness. 

Brings You Maximum Comfort

Klothon invests in fabrics that keep you comfortable and fresh. The stretch, the inch, the waistband, and the pocket- each of these encompass supreme convenience. For endless comfort, wrinkle-free, anti-wicking, and anti-static properties, choose Klothon Scrub Suits UAE.

Tailored Specifically to Your Budget 

Available in multiple ranges of colors and styles, our best selling scrub suits not only give you lasting confidence but are also budget-friendly. We are fortunate to work across diverse countries. And our potential to proffer quick turnarounds with economical costs is something our clients cherish. So, if you are looking for pocket-friendly rates, shop no further than Klothon. Pick from various styles and colors and show your patients how particular you are with your choices of scrub suits. 

Final Thoughts!

With thousands of frontliners living in protective gear during the pandemic, we empower medical professionals with our line of moisture-wicking, breathable, lightweight, and wrinkle-free scrub suits. While our frontline warriors have been working tirelessly, they deserve to feel good and safe too. 

Our professionals understand the pain of doctors, nurses, and surgeons. Therefore, we aim at creating clothing that is functional yet makes them look stylish at the same time. Our workers are keeping up with the surging demand of medical scrubs across all our clients. 

Incorporating form and style, medical wear delivered at Klothon UAE gives doctors the flexibility to stand out before, during, and after work. 

After all, we want you to be armed with the best so that you can devote your time to care for the ones affected.