How to Ensure Workplace Safety


Working at a construction site is like playing with fire. You’re constantly exposed to a perilous environment. And if you aren’t following best safety practices while on the job, you may be at risk. 

Below are some time-tested ways to eliminate site incidents and ensure safety on the construction site:

Train your staff on how to avoid workplace hazards

Considering the day-to-day injuries and accidents happening at construction sites, construction workers should be provided with proper safety and training tips. This helps avoid unnecessary fatalities that affect both workers and employers. The training programs also ensure that workers remain vigilant at all times. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) covers various aspects of safety training programs and gives workers the right to receive proper training and prevent site fatalities.

Training of both types- theoretical and practical should be imparted to construction workers. Irrespective of their roles or experience level, every worker should be made fully aware of the potential hazards. Ignoring training programs can put everyone at risk. Understanding the dangers in the first place is one of the fruitful ways to prevent accidents. 

Hence, ensuring the safety of construction workers should be the main aim of a construction manager. If the workers have no idea of safety training, they shouldn’t be allowed in the field. 

Heavy equipment safety tips

One of the topmost causes of injuries to equipment operators occurs when they get in and out of their equipment. There is always the risk of equipment loading and unloading. Due to this, it is important to conduct proper training for operating machinery. The complex the machine, the in-depth the training should be. 

Site workers should be well educated about managing machineries like elevators, belt feeders, ladders, deck screens, and others even if it seems extraneous. Workers should also be tested on a timely basis to ensure that equipment is being handled properly. 

The proper apparel

The uniform for construction sites is designed for a specific purpose- SAFETY! Clothing for construction wear is available in different styles. No sleeveless shirts are allowed. Only full sleeve shirts that fit snugly should be worn at construction sites. If the job requires workers to be in low light, hi-vis trousers are a must! Pair them with a hi-vis jacket or hard hat to continue working without being in danger. 

For those working outdoors, good quality waterproof trousers are not to be missed. They promise comfort and productivity. While wearing a waterproof jacket, wearers need to ensure that it’s breathable and resistant to moisture penetration. The waterproof fabric makes it a fire retardant and resists the attack of most chemicals, fungus, mold, etc. 

Insulated jackets with nylon linings are in demand amongst construction workers. Such kind of fabric traps air and keeps the body from losing too much of its heat production. Workers who are exposed to water should be acquainted with industrial life jackets. 

Klothon UAE understands the importance of protective gear

Hence, we design clothing that provides your workers from a range of hazards and let them do their job well. Above all, our flame-resistant clothing protects the wearer from flames and fires. They’re made from fire-resistant fabrics. 

The pockets in our clothing have been designed to allow workers to carry every tool they need while at the construction site. Additionally, pockets in our safety uniforms are made available to keep other protective eyewear, etc. For comfort, the elastic on the waist keeps the wearer comfortable all day long. 

Ending thoughts!

Every construction site is designed uniquely. It has its own risks and hazards. As a part of your organization’s security plan, it is important to address possible injuries. This starts with training your workers properly and being ready with the first aids if required. All site workers must be informed on the do’s and don’ts related to site injuries.

We hope the points mentioned above help you create a safer yet productive environment for your workers, thereby leading to the organization’s growth and success.