Corporate workwear adoption in the GCC

March 8, 2022

Corporate wear, quality ladies’ wear, or menswear can be integral to any organization, company, or establishment’s brand image. Your employees aren’t only the ambassadors of your company but also the walking advertisements since the wear incorporates slogans, logos, or colors and your brand. Just as there used to be factors to consider when a marketing team chooses a campaign for a particular product, there have to be considerations given to the corporate brand and image of a company by the type of clothing their employees wear. Apart from the specialist workwear needed for safety and health, comfort, appearance, and practicality are crucial for employees who often meet the public to perform their daily tasks.

Within the modern business environment, there is now a growing need for corporate wear that doesn’t only offer protection but is also identifiable with the company brand. Also, there is a need for corporate wear that is customized for an establishment or corporation, even if it’s just for promotional purposes. The personal protection acts in the workplace of 1992 provide some rules for employees and employers. The first step is to carry out a risk assessment: it is advisable to hire the services of a specialist to do this for you. Some considerations like environmental factors, the location of the workplace, and the worker’s choice will determine whether protective clothing is needed or visibility is an issue. From this evaluation, therefore, hi-visibility clothing needs to be considered.

Most employers make mistakes when selecting the appropriate corporate wear for their workers. There have been many reports of wrong styles and inappropriate sizes for workers; hence, the need to order suitable sizes and styles that meet your worker’s demands. Since each employee has a unique personality and body type, their clothing styles and preferences must reflect that. For example, if they are tall, it is ideal to go for a plain colored pair of trousers than striped dress trousers. The stripe will stretch their legs and make them appear taller than they are. Maintaining the fabric’s quality is a factor to consider when choosing the correct corporate wear for your brand. One of the ways to solve this is to consider the nature of the work your employees will be performing. Do they work in an outdoor environment that requires a more durable fabric? Do they work in an active industry or need high-quality material?

At klothon wear, we have more than what you need to meet and please your worker’s demands. From our Airo formal shirt to our Business Executive shirt, we have much corporate wear that is washable, resistant to wrinkles, and stain-resistant. To order a sample of our wear, click here.

Using the best available modern technology fabric, we have been able to deliver quality and top-notch corporate wear to our numerous clients in Abu Dhabi, Dhabi, and the Middle East. We place our corporate wear manufacturing philosophy on moisture-wicking, colorfast, no-shrink, and stain resistance. We will customize your uniform to your company’s taste and regulations. It is always lovely when your employees wear matching T-shirts and trousers that contain your company logo and message. Professional appearance could be the sole factor differentiating you from your competitors. 

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