Just how important are uniforms and workwear to a business or brand?


I know what you’re thinking, company uniforms are as casual, and they don’t hold much water in the workspace, right? You’re in for a shocker then as what I’m about to share with you is, well, you just hold on to your hat.

Professionalism in any business is a crucial part of the growth and perceived image of the brand. Making the right impression to your clientele is even more vital, and that’s why you see the major companies and big guns spend so much in branding and their public image.

There’s one thing every single brand or business owner can relate with, and that’s wanting to have a reputable and positive brand image. Well, who doesn’t?

Wearing uniforms to the workplace has now become a general norm and a fundamental part of our work culture. These uniforms in more ways than not, reflect the image of the firm, and that’s why a police officer can be spotted even if he was miles out, or a mechanic or a chef.

The uniforms worn in companies have a way of depicting a certain sense of pride and recognition for whoever’s wearing it. Company uniforms shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s imperative to note that every detail should be taken into consideration when choosing the uniforms to be worn by staffs. It should come as no surprise to know that even the tiniest positive change in a uniform could bring about a dramatic increase in moral levels of employees and this, in turn, could impact the general productivity and work discipline in staff members


What would be your answer if you were asked this same question? Do businesses really need branded workwear?

Branded workwear such as Tshirts & Polos has this feeling of the 21st century to them. Often, the logo of the business is usually inscribed on the workwear. They not only make employees look smart and well presentable, it actually brings the brand’s image to the forefront, and set’s a high business standard for the brand.

These branded workwears are very simple, and although they may seem casual, they always give off a certain standard of professionalism, consistency, and pride. T-shirts and Polos are commonly adorned by people of every caliber, so it’s not hard to see why branded workwears suggest a structure and trust to put the customer at ease.

Different industries make use of branded workwears and uniforms. I could go on and on forever about the list of industries and professions that require employees to wear uniforms and workwears, but I’d just list a few;

  • The healthcare sector
  • Logistics
  • Food & Industry and many more

Wearing branded workwears comes with a lot of benefits, such as;

  • It enhances the Image brand
  • Branded workwear bring about high customer brand recognition.
  • It helps promote professionalism
  • It gives staff a sense of belonging and importance.

Since 2012, Klothon has dedicated itself to providing top notch quality workwears for use across different industries and profession. Always striving to improve the professional image of our clients, we at Klothon pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to understand how unique and important your business and jobs are, and the need to always have a firm command of your business.