garment manufacturing process

Klothon Follows a High-tech Garment Manufacturing Process


At Klothon, we make sure each and every step of the garment manufacturing process is carried out with complete precision!

Our high-tech process for garment manufacturing consists of the following stages:

Design and Sketch
The first step is to design the sketch for the garment. This usually revolves around the designer making rough sketches of the desired garments in their sketchbook.

Pattern Design
In the second stage, any one standard size of garment is chosen for developing the first pattern of the design.

Sample Making
The sample making step is about producing a sample garment, which is usually in low quality, to make sure it costs less. This sample is passed onto the client for their approval.

Production Pattern
The pattern design from stage two is now used for the creation of production patterns. This pattern is to be used for the production of garments on a mass level.

Grading assists in creating patterns in a variety of standard sizes. This stage simply revolves around rescaling patterns up or down to make sure they are adjustable to varying sizes.

Marker Making
This step is taken care of by the measuring team which determines the yardage of fabric required for all sizes and styles of the garments. Thanks to computer technology, our technicians are able to produce optimum fabric layout to make sure it is used efficiently.

Next stage is the spreading machines in which fabric is laid down or stacked on top of each other forming several hundred plies (pieces of fabric).

With our highly advanced cutting equipment, the fabric is cut into different shapes and sizes to suit the cloth’s type.

Sorting and Bundling
In the sorting and bundling process, each design and size is sorted. Afterwards, bundles of these garments are created in bulk.

Sewing and Assembling
The bundles of garments sorted are finally ready for stitching and are sewed and assembled by our technicians.

Pressing and Finishing
The pressing and finishing stage is crucial to the appearance of the garment and we make sure we carry out this step with the help of state of the art technology for topnotch precision.

Final Inspection
Lastly, the finished product is inspected for any defects regarding color, sizing, sewing, or general deficiencies.

The final stage is when we pack the garments and send them away to our esteemed clients!