Klothon is launching a sustainable sportswear range

December 23, 2022
Klothon is launching a sustainable sportswear range.
Klothon is launching a sustainable sportswear range.


About Klothon

Klothon is a workwear brand established in the UAE in 2012. We are the preferred workwear partners for companies in the Middle East.

We’ve evolved as a successful workwear business supplying multiple industries, especially Fast Commerce & Delivery Services, Oil & Energy, and Health Care.

Klothon strives to stay closer to the latest workwear, safety trends, and innovations to meet and exceed customers’ needs.

Our Story

Nine years ago, we set out to build a company that makes high-quality and comfortable workwear.

Klothon founders firmly believe that workforce is the frontline that helps builds society. Workwear is their first skin at work that protects and provides comfort and recognition of who they are.

Klothon has consistently helped client organizations express themselves and stand out by choosing suitable workwear for their workforce.

We have always put our clients and their workforce first and combined cutting-edge technology and design expertise to give what will be the “first skin.”

Our Vision

Be the most innovative and sustainability-focused workwear business that provides durable and comfortable workwear to the Middle East markets.

Our Mission

To help the workforce achieve more by providing workwear that keeps them safe, comfortable, and good-looking.

Klothon is launching a Sustainable Sportswear range

Sustainability is a commitment for Klothon; hence we are conscious of being ethical when conducting our factories or partners’ operations. We partner only with those who have well-defined processes that include respect for the workforce and environment. Making a quality product is given but for Klothon, the “how” matters more than the “what”!

Recycled polyester t-shirts are nothing but PET bottles, which are collected and sent to a recycling facility. The polyester fibers are then extracted from the PET bottles and broken down into small flakes. These flakes are melted down, turned into polyester fibers and yarns- fabrics and then converted into various garments, including t-shirts. Converting pet bottles into final garments is a hygiene procedure supported by oeko standards/certifications.

Recycled polyester t-shirts are a more sustainable option compared to t-shirts made from virgin polyester because they use fewer resources and generate less waste. They also help reduce the demand for fresh, raw materials, which can help conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce overall carbon footprint.

Klothon launching a sustainable sportswear range shortly. The initial range includes performance gym wear using recycled fabric.

Estimate generation in progress ...