Klothon’s Flame Resistant Coveralls

March 7, 2022

For thermal protection in the toughest of environments, Klothon coveralls do more than just get the job done.

Our coverall covers it all. For workers requiring a whole range of motion, the Dapro Cotton FR, a static Coverall features side pockets, knee pad pockets, slanted side pockets, and a tool pocket on the right side, to keep their tools within reach.

Klothon also offers coveralls in insulated and waterproof styles.

And above all, our coveralls are certified which means they’re guaranteed to keep you safe on the job. Our heat and flame resistant apparel is tested to the highest standards for ensuring the safety of garments, clothing, apparel, etc.

The Treated FR Fabric

FR fabric refers to the Flame Resistant fabric. And the treated FR fabric refers to fabric that can be woven or knit from fibers of non FR materials. In this process, the fabric is chemically treated to impart its own flame-resistant properties.

For example, Cotton is treated to make fibers flame resistant.

In high-risk environments, the use of protective clothing can make a real difference between life and death. At a job that requires workers to be around utility contractors, gas contractors, or electrical contractors, Klothon’s flame retardant apparel safeguards workers from potential injuries. 

Industrial workwear available with us is Cotton, Antistatic, and Treated Fabric blends which makes them an ideal pick as flame-resistant workwear.

Crease Resistant Finish

With a crease-resistant finish, minimum ironing is required. The wrinkle-resistant finish on our industrial wear makes it a must-have for any worker, irrespective of their working conditions.

The fabric has been specifically designed to ensure durability and functionality.

CE Certified

The CE marking on our products guarantees its conformity to EU regulations.

Take your workwear to the next level. Speak to us today and we’ll help you get the best items delivered matching your industry standards.

Please visit: https://www.klothon.com/product-category/industrial-workwear/flame-resistant-protective-clothing/ 


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