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New Unique Uniform concept and Innovation from Klothon


Add a splash to your crew uniform. Klothon recommends unique weekend uniform in addition to the regular weekday uniform. This will surely win over the hearts of your customers irrespective of the type of your business.

This experiment has proved to be highly successful across service industries. A host of our customers like boutique hotels, gymnasiums, high-end stores are simply loving this weekend change of – Dress code – Casual comfort.

This uniform can be a bit of deviation to the regular one by the addition of bright and vibrant colors. Casual comfort dress code reflects a relaxed mindset during weekends. Away from the weekday routine, this change brings the much-desired fever and excitement to the weekend.

Klothon has an in-house team which can design uniforms as per your corporate guidelines and also recommends the trends in the service industry depends on your type of business and your customer segment.

The weekend outfit in addition to being bright can also be stylish which adds a different dimension to your brand. While you add value to your customers by your products and offerings, the human touch and service is a vital aspect of the service industry and there is a scope of innovation on how the service crew is dressed up.