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Nursing Scrubs: Tips to Buy Best Scrubs


Uniforms are focal in the success of any business. They establish your brand, and there is a direct correlation between what you wear and how productive you are at work. This is true for the healthcare industry too. From lab coats to nurse scrubs, healthcare uniforms are utilitarian and serve an essential purpose in the medical environment. The nurse uniforms get referred to as scrubs. Earlier, scrubs were available only in white colour. However, over the years, they have started to come in different colours and styles. Are you planning to get scrubs for the nurses at your hospital or facility? Then, here are a few things you need to consider while doing your research.

Easy to Maintain & Crease-Resistant: A nurse suit should be easy to clean. Nurses need to wear clean scrub every day. So, the scrub should be an easy to wash and quick dry one. The material should have polyester content and feature soil release finish. It will be easy to remove stains from such a scrub, and it will also have crease-resistant property. Besides, the material should be a durable one with anti-wrinkle, fading and shrinking features.

Moisture Wicking Scrubs: A nurse needs to wear the scrub for the entire shift. This requires the scrub material to come with the moisture-wicking feature. It should keep them dry by wicking moisture from their skin. If you are choosing such an advanced fabric scrub, then it will also prevent odour.

Anti Microbial Scrubs: Like medical equipment, medical wear should come with anti-microbial features. It will reduce the spread of harmful bacteria as nurses are prone to get bacteria on their scrubs. If the scrub feature anti-microbial technology, it will avert the transfer of dangerous pathogens and work on stain and stench bacteria too.

The Comfort Quotient: The nurses at your hospital will have to wear the scrubs throughout the shift. So, it is essential that you choose scrubs keeping the comfort factor aloft. They should be able to carry out daily activities without any problem. The scrub should aid them in accomplishing their tasks rather than acting as an inhibition. The nursing scrubs material, fit and style are directly related to the comfort factor.

Choose Soft Material: The nurse scrub suit comes in various fabrics. There is the option of 100% cotton, cotton and polyester blend and different other blends. When choosing the material, ensure that it is soft and comfortable on the skin. The nurses have to wear it for a long shift and a long time. A fine quality scrub is easy to maintain and lasts longer.

Make Sure they Fit Well: After choosing the right material, ensure that the medical scrubs you buy for the nurses fit them perfectly. Anything too tight or baggy can affect their working. The scrubs should get designed in a manner that they fit the nurses seamlessly, and they can work comfortably.

The Style & Colour Does Matter: The nurses wear the scrub at the hospital. However, there is a feel-good factor associated with one’s uniform. There is always the option of choosing the basic style of hospital uniform for nurses. Alternatively, you can explore them in different forms. You can check different necklines and lengths for the style factor. Like, you can explore V, round or square or mock wrap neck design. Along with varying options of the neckline, you can check for different colour variants too. There is the option of choosing something in sync with your hospital colour theme or soft pink, green and blue.

The Convenience Factor: The nurse uniform needs to be easy to wear and manage. You can opt for ones with chest and side pockets. These come handy during the shift to keep scissors, alcohol pads and more. Even the pants should have pockets for convenience. Besides, they should be easy to maintain and crease-resistant.

Hope these tips come useful in choosing scrubs for nurses at your hospital or facility!

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