PPE can Help You Boost Profits


Are you a business owner wondering why do I need to spend so much on providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to my employees? Nothing convinces a businessman more than well researched data so we dug some up especially for you.

  1. PPE and other health and safety measures can help lower your spending on occupational injuries and illness by 20% to 40%. –OSHA

Of late ministry of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has made it mandatory for companies hiring more than 15 employees to submit reports on labour injuries. It has even introduced penalties.

Article 144 of UAE labour law makes it mandatory for employers to pay for treatment until recovery in case of an occupational injury or illness.

  1. An onsite injury will stall your production for days, avoid it by providing PPE. –NSC

If penalties and payment for treatment weren’t enough to convince to start looking for PPE think about how an on-site injury can freeze your operations for several hours if not days. In certain industries, this can cost thousands of dollars.

  1. Boost employee morale and employee engagement by expressing your concern.

In a competitive business environment, your workforce can offer a sturdy competitive advantage. You can keep your skilled employees happy and engaged by expressing your concern for them. Providing PPE is an effective way to do so.

Despite so many direct and indirect advantages unfortunately, 25% of businesses operating in the UAE do not provide PPE to their employees. This is about to change, Government is becoming more active in this matter and is looking for ways to encourage businesses to implement relevant safety and health programs. This also means you can expect higher penalties for not avoiding occupational injuries. So to avoid paying thousands of Dirhams every year on compensating to injured employees, pay hundreds on PPE.

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Klothon Promise

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