Medical Wear

The dilemma of medical uniforms ! what to wear and what not to ?


The path to becoming a medical professional is a difficult, long journey. It requires your total dedication, complete commitment, and self-sacrifice. Similarly, there are diverse workplace clothing requirements for different professionals, but the medical field appears to be the one with the least number of options. Medical wears, since the 1970s have been the wardrobe requirements for doctors, nurses, and others in the medical field. The 21st century, however, has birthed how we understand the importance of changing into a more sanitized, comfortable, and customizable clothing before performing our medical task. Obviously, the medical wears were not designed for the sole purpose of fashion but to offer more comfort, anti-bacteria for all physical threats like bacteria, and transmission of diseases from the patients, water or liquid resistance, and for durability. Better health, they say, starts with quality workwear. Initially, the scrub type of medical wear was made to provide all-round protection for doctors against patient illness. As the campaign for hospital cleanliness continues, more and more medical professionals began wearing the medical scrubs, like the standard scrub suit with 65% of polyester. This standard scrub suit is available with the industrial washable property up to 60C from Klothon workwear(put a link to your website here). Now, practically all health professionals wear the Raglan scrub suit from klothon workwear. These scrub suits from klothon are well-known that even the lay people have started wearing them as pajamas and leisure clothing.

One of the reasons why most doctors use the medical uniforms especially the medical scrubs from klothon workwear could be as a result of the type of fabric used in its production. Medical are readily available in the fabrics of your choice from klothon workwear; polyester or cotton. Most of these medical wears are derived from a blend of different fabrics to enhance its durability and comfortability. Thus, the greater the percent of cotton in the fabric, the more comfortable and softer the wear will be. In an attempt to deliver quality workwear that meets industry legislations and standards, klothon workwear has produced different types and styles of medical uniforms to meet your taste and budgets. We have produced the uniform not just for comfort but also function. It serves the function to maintain a sterile and healthy environment at least, and to offer comfort and reduce contamination at best. Therefore, many of the klothon medical wears are produced from fabric that absorbs fluids, liquid or water and hides stains. The durability of our wear also compliments its appeal as a leisurewear.

In addition to the above, the medical wears are particularly attracted to doctors because of the design of the outfit. The designers, especially those from the klothon brand focus on simplicity. The tops hang down to a comfortable length and are generally loose. The baggy nature of the pants gives enough room for the thighs and hips. The standard medical wear must contain basic drawstring pants a set of square cut V-neck top. For instance, the scrub sets from klothon wear are available in different designs and styles. The Raglan sleeve and side vents for movement add some varieties to keep your gadgets while you work. Medical professionals can also find the standard lab coat premium with 2 lower front pockets and 1 chest pocket from the Klothon’s online store. To check our store, click here.

Klothon workwear is your number one shop for the best medical wears. There, you will find a catalog of medical uniforms that meet your hospital legislations and requirements. Be sure to check for the best selection of cheap medical wears.