Three Reasons Why You Should Trust Klothon’s Coveralls

May 4, 2022

As we know overalls and coveralls first got introduced to the world by the British Army in the 1750s in the form of a bib as their safety and protective clothing. However, the fact unknown is that the Britishers enhanced this idea from India during the early 17th century. When the Englishmen came to India, they observed and developed an interest in what was back then called the ‘Dungarees’. Later they were used in the British Army as an article of formal and protective clothing. 

Over the years, Dungarees turned overalls & coveralls have been fashionably advanced and modified accordingly. Coveralls today carry special attributes like fire resistance, high visibility, pocket shelves for working instruments, full sleeves and other safety and comfort clothing features. In the 20th century, we can see coveralls are used in various industries in the world. 

Today, Coveralls are single-piece garments which are designed uniquely to fit loosely over your body and aid your workforce to protect themselves from fire, accidents, dust, chemical reactions, etc. Mechanics and engineers often use coveralls along with the workforce in the oil & gas industry, firefighters, pilots, airport staff, assembly workers & construction workers regularly because of their intense working environment. 


We know the safety of your employees is significant. There might come various situations where your workforce has to work in very low or no visibility. Here is when you can rely on your trust in Klothon’s coveralls. Klothon delivers you with the most premium quality high visibility coveralls for your employees to be safe & sound in challenging working situations. 

Klothon provides you with different varieties and types of coveralls which include features and attributes that are perfectly suitable for your workforce’s rigorous working environment, keeping them safe as well as comfortable at all times.


1. COTTON FR COVERALLS: Cotton FR Coveralls are super effective in summers. Keeping your workforce’s comfort in mind we designed the Cotton FR Coverall for extreme heat conditions. These coveralls are made up of European quality with 99% cotton and 1% anti-static and fire-resistant treated fabric, which is OEKO certified. Cotton FR Coveralls provide you with two reflective tapes on the arms, legs and shoulders. This helps your employees with high visibility working in low visibility surroundings. These coveralls also have a CF crease line on the trouser. These coveralls can be handy because of the availability of two Slant pockets, dual chest pockets with flap, Two back patch pockets, and one sleeve pocket, providing plenty of storage space. The cotton coverall comes in Navy, Red, Orange, Khaki & Royal Blue.

2. DAPRO IFR COVERALLS: These coveralls are made up of European quality and are certified by OKEO, CE and ISO. The Dapro IFR Coverall is designed with comfortable fabric with a blend of Modacrylic, Cotton, Para-Aramid, Anti-Static and Nylon. It provides you with Prolux 50mm Fire Resistant Reflective Strips on your hands, shoulders and legs. To increase the safety, Dapro Coveralls are also designed with five thread safety stitch at all crucial seams. It also has a bartack reinforcement at stress points. Comfort being a major concern for your employees we have kept an elastic waist for improved ergonomics and smooth movements at all times during working hours. Available in Orange, Red and Royal Blue colors.

3. COTTON FR 2PC COVERALL: This back elasticated waist coverall, consists of two fire-resistant reflective tapes on arms, legs and shoulders. We have also included a CF crease line on the trouser. Similar to other coveralls from Klothon, this workwear also includes three to five pockets for cargo trousers and two chest pockets. It is available in four hi-visibility preferred colors that are; Navy, Orange, Red & Royal Blue.



1. High Durability: Usually high-visibility coveralls have a limited lifespan and are ineffective after a specific duration. But with Klothon, we ensure you have high durable coveralls that last long providing you with the same desired safety & visibility. We believe in providing quality workwear & uniforms that can be used by your organization for a healthy amount of time.


2. Ensuring High Visibility: The workforce in oil & gas, marine industry and heavy engineering companies require high visibility clothes. Moreover, The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has declared high-visibility compulsory for certain occupations. 


3. The Comfort Feature: Coveralls are usually used for long working hours and when it comes to long working hours, we need to make sure that your employees are comfortable with their workwear throughout. Thus, your employees have to be worry-free and leave the task to us. Klothon coveralls are highly comfortable for hectic working hours providing you with sturdy material suitable for different kinds of weather conditions.