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Tips to Choose Work Uniform from the Leading Uniform Company in Dubai


The employee uniform is an essential aspect of your organisation and brand. It reflects the way you take care of your employees and the kind of branding you wish to do. The work uniform that your employee wears will always give an impression of your brand and business to your clients. Whether you are starting a new venture or patching-up the look of your existing organisation, the work uniform should be at the forefront of your planning. It is fundamental to your image and can leave a defining impression on your business and client base.

Below are some tips from Klothon.com, the leading uniform company in Dubai, which you should consider when sourcing the work uniform.

The Colour is Crucial: When it comes to choosing the employee uniform, you should brainstorm over the colour. It is the colour that is striking and can make an immediate impression. You need to think if you want your employees to stand out or get spotted easily? If you want them to stand apart from the crowd, then look for something in brighter tones. However, if you wish that the uniform blends a little more, then choose muted colours. Besides, you must also consider the brand logo colours. If you go radically different, it may not reflect well, so make the company logo colours the starting point when you contact uniform suppliers.

Reconcile Functionality & Style: The look of the uniform is essential as there is a feel-good factor associated with what one wears. However, this should not restrict your search to style. Instead, you need to give functionality precedence. Even the custom employee uniform should be functional so that your employees can execute their tasks seamlessly. As far as possible, try to reconcile functionality and style to give a more professional appeal to your business, while making it comfortable for the employees.

Consider the Work Environment: Taking the work environment into consideration is also essential as the employees need to be comfortable in their uniform. For instance, if you are looking for attire for the kitchen staff, then choose something in cooler tones and fabric. Likewise, scrubs are the most comfortable and easy to clean for the employees of health care vertical. So, think about the work environment when selecting the uniform. You need to choose uniforms in which your employees are comfortable and safe while sourcing it from the leading uniform suppliers in UAE. Even the fabric should be such that it does not pose any safety concern.

Maintain a Professional Look: Once you decide the colour, style and fabric, giving comfort and safety precedence, you should ensure that the uniform gives a professional look. It should promote your business and brand. When the uniform provides a professional guise, your clients and competitors will take your people and organisation seriously. If you are looking for hospitality sector, ensure that your service staff wears a neat uniform giving an elegant and formal appeal. Similarly, for medical professionals like staff nurse uniform, they should wear an outfit that offers an authoritative and approachable image.

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