Industrial workwear selection criteria

March 7, 2022

We often stumble across stories replete with mishaps at the workplace. It’s a sad truth that the lives of workers at construction sites are always in jeopardy since accidents can catch anyone and lead to worn-out. And from an institution’s perspective, it can be worrisome!

Because an outburst at the workplace can ruin productivity, organizations need to be extra vigilant when it comes to providing quality workwear to their employees.

But it is also true that when choosing safe industrial workwear, you can’t just count on fabrics. There’s much more to the fabric than meets the eye. 

Below is a peek at some significant factors that determine what type of workwear complements your industry the best.

The Atmospheric Conditions of the Place

The weather conditions have an important role to play when selecting protective gear. High visibility clothing alone will not be able to serve the purpose. Additionally, you need thermal clothing for cool weather conditions. Hence, the workwear you invest in should accord with the temperatures of your working place. 

Paying attention to this element not only ensures security and confidence at work but also increase employees’ confidence.

Understand Your Needs

Don’t be in a rush. Understand your work, and the kind of environment you are exposed to, and then make a decision. Because what worked for them, might not work for you. Ideal workwear should align with your company goals and the type of work you do. For workers who are constantly breathing in low-light environments, high visibility clothing works great. The fix is to think about the kind of workplace and the type of work, before deciding on the workwear.

Always Invest in High-Quality Apparel

It comes as no surprise that construction, mining, and other industrial sites are the most hazardous industry. With workers constantly surrounded by flammable environments, chemicals, hazards, electrocution, explosives, toxic fumes, heavy machinery, and vehicles, these industries account for most of the workplace fatalities. Almost all injuries occur as a result of unprotected clothing.

Therefore, choosing industrial workwear that safeguards workers from extreme heat, toxic chemicals, and hazardous substances becomes truly significant. Always pick heavy-duty fabrics, the ones that offer protection against UV, which have smoldered proof and flame retardant properties to shield workers in an intensely heated workplace.

While you’re on it, don’t ignore the comfort and durability factor. Stay away from clothing that damages quickly or restricts movement. Buy clothing that upholds your image as a professional and fits properly.

Never be in a rush. Consider every aspect of the apparel before coming to a conclusion. The golden rule is to consider your tasks.

Ending Notes!

As a responsible employer, you should make sure that every worker in your organization is secured. The workers’ safety must be valued. Providing workwear that fits properly, and has the maximum protection and durability is a requirement every organization must fulfill.

Not only it boost your employee’s confidence but also productivity.

The one-size-fits-all is no more a preferred choice. But, comfort, safety, and work conditions are important factors to inculcate when choosing workwear for your employees.

At Klothon UAE, we’re committed to providing durable, weather-friendly industrial apparel that not only secures your workforce but also maintains the credibility of your organization.

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