Why Graphene Mask?


The difference from other FFP2-KN95 masks, which keeps bacteria and viruses on the outside of the mask but «swim» out, the graphene mask kills these particles and is therefore reusable.

The size of a bacterium is from 300nm to 1000nm, the virus inside that bacterium is 100-150nm in size. The FFP2 mask is capable of filtering 95% of particles (not necessarily from the virus) while the graphene mask, according to tests, does filter the virus.

BFE (Bacterial Filtering Efficiency) greater than 99% in graphene. Whereas normal FFP2-KN95 is only above 95%.

• VFE (Virus Filtering Efficiency) is 99.97% – 99.98% for Graphene Mask and only above 83.5% for normal FFP2-KN95 mask.

• Graphene structure is 800 times harder than steel.

• Graphene is a two-dimensional material. Through the innovative technology, it becomes three-dimensional, equivalent to a sharp, rounded blade, 1-2nm thick, capable of easily killing 100-150nm bacteria to particles between 300nm-1000nm.

1 Graphene Mask = 30 x normal face mask = 10 x КN95:

  • It is the world`s strongest material
  • ВIt has extraordinary thermal and electrical conductivity ВThin, light, flexible
  • ВTransperent
  • ВGraphene is one of the most studied material.
  • ВSince 2010 Nobel Prize for its isotation

High technology nano-mateiral better than standard non-woven used for ordinary N95 or FFP2

Longer use – up to 200 hours while keeping the form and fuctionality with PFE ≥ 99%

More comfortable – easier to wear due to better adjustable fit, good air permeability, cause no fog when weared with glasses