Professional medical uniforms for health care workers

March 7, 2022
Professional medical uniforms for health care workers
Professional medical uniforms for health care workers

People engaged in health care have a specific need for workwear uniforms. The function of these garments is to protect the personnel from the hospital environment, fluids, and proximity to patients. These uniforms should also look pleasing and professional. After all, the health care professional is about dealing with humans where feeling good is paramount and a starting point of patients’ journey of getting treated.

Medical scrubs

The most ordinarily available medical tunics are medical scrubs. These have been in trend for a long time in the Middle East. It keeps the professionals fresh and safe. Medical uniform permits people to help differentiate easily between staff and patients. Medical scrubs are necessary for labs, recovery rooms, operation theaters, and OPDs.

Hospitals and clinics in the UAE are buying bulk medical scrubs and other medical wear from Klothon.

Lab coats, scrubs, and medical wear products are our specialty, and it keeps moisture away.

Klothon offers special anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fabric as well.

The product provides a comfort level that is outstanding and perfect. 

Our lab coat fabric resists liquid spills, is easy to launder, and releases stains to maintain its original crispness and whiteness.

Our scrub and lab coat fabric resists pilling, wrinkling, fading, and shrinking and keeps away the odors.

Klothon is the best place to buy medical wear in Dubai, UAE.

See the lab coats product catalog here.

Klothon is a workwear brand established in the UAE in 2012. We are the preferred workwear partners for companies in the Middle East.

We’ve evolved as a successful workwear business supplying multiple industries, especially Fast Commerce & Delivery Services, Oil & Energy, and Health Care.

Klothon strives to stay closer to the latest workwear, safety trends, and innovations to meet and exceed customers’ needs.

Klothon has consistently helped client organizations express themselves and stand out by choosing suitable workwear for their workforce.

We have always put our clients and their workforce first and combined cutting-edge technology and design expertise to give what will be the “first skin, honestly.”

Klothon founders firmly believe that workforce is the frontline that helps builds society. Workwear is their first skin at work that protects and provides comfort and recognition of who they are.

Professional medical uniforms for health care workers

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