personal protective equipment

Worker safety – a top priority !!



Industrial safety means different things to different employees. To some, it is the second most important thing after their house; their working environment, while to others, it is the single most important aspect of their career. Most people also view it as a healthy investment which their companies fight to promote through the working environment. To those workers who see industrial safety as a code for a waste of time and money or those who see it as their company’s asset, the value, significance, and importance of industrial safety in the business environment can’t be overemphasized. These days, most establishments are going through lengths and arms to safeguard their respective working environment. New regulations are being formulated, existing ones have been modified, and technology is being upgraded in an attempt to ensure the safety of workers. Organizations; both private and public, continue to employ different resources and technology to guarantee the safety of their employees. Similarly, they have chosen to offer different on-the-job safety training to their workers so that nobody’s security and safety is compromised in the workplace.

Why must we ensure the safety of our workers?

Many organizations are going through this hurdle not only to increase the moral conscience of their workers through industrial safety and security but also because of the financial gain to the companies as well. For example, if any of the employees get injured in the workplace, the company would shoulder the financial burden- be it the increase in the insurance costs, employee compensation, and premiums, cost of lost hours of production, incurring legal costs, etc. Also, ensuring worker’s safety and security boosts the confidence of the workers. The employees will be more comfortable and confident to work since they know that appropriate safety measures are in place. An Increase in productivity is another reason to prioritize the safety of our workers in the workplace. Adequate safety measures increase the productivity and production of the workers and the company respectively.


Personal protective equipment or PPE refers to the accessories and workwear used for protection against hazardous environment and injuries in the workplace. There are some professions that involve extensive power management, chemical handling, biohazard, and physical work. Without the appropriate protective clothing, it is risky for employees to expose themselves to a working environment that doesn’t reduce the potential risks to an acceptable level. Therefore, personal protective equipment is essential when and where the hazard is unavoidable. In some cases, however, even the safety garments or industrial uniforms could not get rid of the risks completely.

The main goal of the industrial uniform is to develop a barrier between the harsh environment and the wearer. Thus, industrial uniforms can impair the potentials or abilities of a worker to work efficiently without getting uncomfortable. Therefore, the producer/manufacturer must design the wear to meet the company’s regulations and worker’s demands. At klothon workwear, we design our industrial uniforms in accordance with your company’s requirements, to make it more comfortable and protect you from industrial hazards. A variety of industrial wears is available in our online store. These PPE can be used to protect the sensitive parts of the body from the head to foot. For example, if we are talking about the foot or head protection, different types of protection boots, like the Ultralight EVA dog from Klothon can be used. Helmets are also essential in construction sites where workers are at higher risk of getting injured.

A recent report reveals that some of the workers who were injured were not properly dressed during their respective duties. For different protection types, there are different types of equipment available like the goggles to protect your eyes from chemicals and dust, helmets to protect the head, safety net, face shield to protect your forehead and chin, and welding screen to offer protection for your skin against the sparks. The list is endless. Common employers! Isn’t it the time to get the best industrial safety equipment from the number one supplier of PPEs in UAE?