High Visibility Clothing for Your Workers to be Safe and Seen


The appropriate usage of high visibility clothing plays an important role in eliminating workplace injuries. Many occupations like utility workers, firemen, truck drivers, road surveyors, and construction workers require hi-vis safety apparel. This is because high visibility clothing reduces fatalities within the industrial premises. At workplaces like these, hi-vis workwear adds extra visibility and makes the wearer extra viewable to those around them. 

How Hi-Vis Clothing Works?

Also known as reflective clothing or protective gear, hi-vis is made from reflective materials, which offers it light-reflecting properties. The two major materials required in the making of this type of clothing are glass bead reflective tape and micro-prismatic tape. 

These elements make the most possible light, thereby safeguarding the workers against perilous situations, including darkness or even low light.

This increased visibility is necessary for workers who are accustomed to vehicles or equipment most of the time. 

Make Sure Your Hi-Vis Clothing has the Right Fit

  • To ensure your safety coveralls function correctly, getting the right fit is extremely important.
  • Choose clothing that isn’t uncomfortable- neither too tight nor too loose. If it’s too tight, it will worsen the dangerous situation. If it’s baggy, it will catch objects. An oversized shirt or vest leads to serious hazards. 
  • They should be comfortable with any other safety gear-like PPE, etc.
  • Safety Hi-Vis workwear should be crafted from a breathable fabric, especially for those working in hot, humid conditions. Breathable polyester mesh fabric enables air circulation while working.

Just like a seatbelt, safety uniforms will only do justice when they are worn appropriately. By following the points mentioned above, your safety gear will be more likely to do what it is meant to do. 

Klothon Hi-Vis Clothing Makes Your Workers Seen More

From workers on railways or highways to those at international airports, hi-vis apparel at Klothon comes in various designs. The moisture wicking fabric keeps the body cool, warm, and dry. Designed for comfort and safety, our hi-vis workwear ensures that you are seen at work. 

Ergonomically designed, hi-vis clothing crafted by our designers allow the widest possible range of movements and allow workers to perform their duties effectively.

With Klothon’s reflective apparel, you and your workers can stay safe and seen on the job. 

Our wide assortment of visibility uniforms covers uniform pants, jackets, coveralls, safety vests, dungarees, shirts, and much more. We manufacture flame retardant apparel to keep workers secure in high-risk areas.