Hospitality workwear : Trends in the Middle East

March 7, 2022

Your apparel tells people what your organization is all about. Therefore, it’s always important to select clothing that keeps your employees looking and feeling great.

The hospitality sector is also looking forward to brand building and creating a business that inspires its customers.

With the entire hospitality industry in lockdown through the last year, it’s normal to say the year was a disregard in terms of uniform trends. Throughout 2021, it has been the same. However, with some hospitality sectors set to reopen their doors in April, businesses are upgrading their apparel in advance.

So, what are the top features every chef uniform must have?

Sustainability is here to last, and not just in hospitality but in many other industries. When looking for a uniform with sustainability in mind, go in for more sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo to neutralize your carbon footprint. Choose quality-rich apparel that is resistant against wear and tear, which means a reduction in uniform replacements, and less impact on the climate through a fall in ‘throw-away’ garments. Sustainability can also also be linked to your brand story.

Contemporary Cuts
One of the growing trends in 2021 is the mandarin collar, which can be seen on everything, right from staff tunics to steward jackets and housekeeping tunics.

The mandarin collar style is one of the must-haves because it really never goes out of fashion. Its clean-cut lines and contemporary lack of fuss, mandarin collars fit anywhere, right from formal wear to staff uniforms.

Customization is essential. There are a lot of affordable ways to customize a uniform and stand out from competitors. Customizing is a great way to add uniqueness and a design edge. Customization can be done in custom leather apron straps, feature buttons, contrast stitching in brand colors, silicone badging, or custom zip pulls. Klothon can also do fully sublimated aprons, button-up shirts, and polo shirts for a truly personalized look. Contact us to know how we can customize your uniforms.

First impressions matter and chef uniforms set the tone for your client service expectations. Embrace easy and approachable, but make sure it’s still practical and differentiates your staff from your clients. Your team should feel comfortable, and physically able to do their job.

Think about the activities your chefs need to perform- Are they bending down or reaching up a lot? This mandates the need for longer-length shirts that help with professionalism. Do they have to carry other kitchen essentials on-the-go? How does your uniform fulfill these? You should also consider your brand culture and ensure that your chef uniforms communicate the same vision.

Here at Klothon, you can find chef uniforms that represent your brand. From jackets to aprons to trousers to caps — you name it, we have it. Select appropriate workwear for your business and buy the ones that match your style, budget, and taste.

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