Introducing Work Wear? mistakes to avoid

March 8, 2022
Introducing Work Wear? mistakes to avoid
Introducing Work Wear? mistakes to avoid

As a businessman, deciding to initiate an industrial uniform is one of the wisest choices made in terms of ensuring the safety and health of employees and enhancing your corporate image. Even still, your good intentions may not be welcomed with arms wide open, especially if your employees have been quite comfortable with their easy-going attire. Here are some of the mistakes that employers make when they decide to introduce uniforms:

1. They Don’t Notify Employees In Advance 

As an employer, you may not need to consult or inform your employees of this change. However, experts believe every decision that pertains to employees always takes into account their opinion and makes it easier for them to accept once implemented

2. Not Investing In The Right Wear 

As work clothes manufacturers, we understand the significance of corporate wear and industrial clothing in maintaining an image and identity and creating an impression. Klothon offers our clients a range of fabrics and clothing options. You must select one that meets your requirements. Otherwise, you will have wasted substantial money on something of little value.

3. No Policy Or Branding Strategy In Place 

It is important to note that work wears are not an unnecessary expense; they’re an INVESTMENT. Have a proper budget allocated. Suitable corporate wear will also be a tool for branding your company name. It will get you noticed by the general public. So, ensure a clear policy highlighting the dos and don’ts of corporate wear for your staff. Furthermore, create a brand manual policy highlighting the logo specification for the printing. 

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