Klothon Lab Coats: A Quick Overview


Choosing the right workwear is like choosing how you want yourself to be presented in front of your ideal clients. The same goes for lab coats. Your lab coats may be the last thing you think about, but it’s the first detail your patients notice. It doesn’t have to be a uniform devoid of style. It can be just as refined as your practice. 

Your lab coat can look good, feel good, incorporate sophistication, and still endure your most challenging days. 

And that’s what Klothon UAE brings into the picture.

Welcome to Klothon UAE!

Why Klothon Lab Coats?

Skin-loving Fabrics with Perfect Functionality

Klothon lab coats are designed using ultra-durable materials. Not only do they stand up to frequent washings but also are gentle and soft on the skin. The finest grades of fabrics go into making them comfortable and wear and tear-resistant. You can rely on Klothon’s Lab Coats to match the level of performance you expect from your professional apparel.

Performance Fabric to Repel Stains and Fluids

Klothon Lab Coats in UAE are stylish and professional. Every lab coat in our collection is thoughtfully designed for performance, thereby giving you the motivation to do what you’re best at! 

The fabric is specifically crafted for healthcare uses- Fluid repellent on the exterior and moisture-wicking on the interior, thereby keeping you cooler in a high-pressure environment. With breathable and state-of-the-art fabric, Klothon’s Lab Coats help you look and feel at your best even after your stressful shifts.

The Function for Smooth Organization

Crafted for function, Klothon Lab Coats feature smartly placed improvised pockets that allow you to keep your belongings right where you need them. Perfect for keeping smartphones, IPADs, keys, cards, pens, or other instruments. Use the front patch pockets to hold whatever you need to carry with you while on your visits. 

Klothon Lab Coats Feature Antimicrobial Fabric

As doctors, you often overlook your professional apparel which has the greatest chance of spreading pathogens. But, we solely care about you. Hence, our lab coats are crafted to protect you from bad odor, microbes, yeast, and algae. Non-sensitizing and soft on the skin. With Klothon Lab Coats, you would notice reduced odors.

At Klothon, we always aim to put our best products forward. Thus, we’ve invested in medical wear that is wrinkle-free, breathable, resistant to abrasion, and even easier to care for. Priced affordably, our lab coats guarantee the best protection and are an awesome value for your money! Choose from a wide assortment and get them delivered to your doorstep.