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Klothon’s range of personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as ‘PPE’, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to serious workplace injuries.

Head Protection
Our protective head gear complies with current industry standards and can prevent serious injury from falling objects.

Oed 9 based polycarbonate lens for perfect 180o vision; 3A coated lens; anti scratch; anti UV; antistatic; polycarbonate extendable and adjustable temples; weight: 29g; impact resistance: 6mm steel ball at 45 m/s; UV absorption 100% up to 390nm; heat resistance up to 80o; abrasion resistance conforms to EN 166 requirements.

Hand Protection
Did you know that wearing the wrong gloves in case of accidental flash flame can increase skin and hand damage? We supply gloves that help to protect workers hands from severe burns caused during accidental flash flame or hydrocarbon flash fires.

Shoes and boots are certified according to CE EN ISO 20345: 2011 standards; water resistant buffalo split leather; PU/PU sole for comfort and light weight; heat resistant sole up to 200OC; oil resistant sole; slip resistance as per SRC standard; antistatic inner and outer sole; energy absorption in the heel; steel toe cap, comfortable coated steel mid plate; EVA insole, S1P category.

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