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In earlier years, the public education sector didn’t pay much attention to the importance of uniforms. Since then, with numerous endless debates on public forums, government policies, and safety concerns highlighted, the significance of uniform in instilling and maintaining discipline has finally prevailed.

Let’s take a closer look at how:
1. Impact On Behavior & Attendance 

Recent studies conducted by the renowned University of Houston found links between students’ uniform implementation and impact on attendance. The research proved that the attendance had, in fact, slightly improved, especially in females. Furthermore, the teacher attrition rate also saw a decline. This change in discipline could be attributed to a respect for authority or the feeling of being a part of something significant.

2. Promotes Feeling Of Equality 

Throughout the course of schooling, peer pressure and bullying are rampant. This breeds from the economic gap that becomes clearly evident in a no-uniform school system. The students from an upper social-economic bracket tend to look down upon the middle-class students. Uniforms ensure that all students, irrespective of their background, can study on equal footing.

3. Safety: Helps Identifying Unauthorized Visitors In Schools 

The caliber of a school is judged, not only by its curriculum but also its safety standards. Uniforms have a way of promoting security. First, they ensure security by easily identifying the students from unauthorized people who visit schools. Second, it prevents students from wearing politically sensitive or offensive clothing that could trigger fights. Keeping the above rationale in mind, it can be said that uniforms in schools do provide as a significant tool in tutoring kids on discipline with regards to respect for peers, value for social norms and an overall sense of security for the community.

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