Choosing protective clothing for the summer

March 14, 2022

Most employees and employers understand the importance of safe workwear in the workplace. Thus, using the appropriate workwear for the job that requires it is an important consideration in the working environment. Those who take this equipment with levity do so at their own risk. For example, in the case of an injury, an employer who fails to provide the needed protective equipment for his/her workers could be sued. Hence, the provision of such basic equipment is a simple way to avoid costly investments. Therefore, it is crucial for all employers to understand the purpose of the equipment. They should not only provide it in an attempt to escape the government regulations but also prioritize it because of the health and safety of coworkers. Providing employees with the correct health and safety equipment means they are able to fully concentrate on the project at hand. The quality of work suffers, hence deteriorates, when a worker doesn’t have full confidence in the safety of their health. This is because they often execute the task with one eye on the potential hazards at the workplace. Also, an establishment with a provision for the worker’s safety will attract a more competent workforce, and a pool of talents to choose from. Similarly, a company is likely to have a bad reputation if it fails to protect the safety and health of its employees. Furthermore, choosing the correct equipment for different seasons: either winter or summer, should be carried out in consultation with the employees. The current technological innovations mean there are different options available for companies to choose from.

Choosing the appropriate protective clothing for the summer

Regardless of the nature of the project, the clothing and protective equipment is worn by most energy-industry professionals have become increasingly sophisticated, both in their fashion and functional technology. The advancement in the personal protective equipment (PPE) for today’s energy workers need to conform to the extreme weather conditions of the Middle East; either too hot or too cold ranging from the sunny city of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain and Sharjah, the prevailing weather conditions in Ajman to Dibba Al-Fujairah. There is specialized functional apparel related to the specific weather conditions and diverse environments in the clothing market. Providing employees with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), especially during the summer, to protect them from workplace hazards and associated danger, as well as to ensure comfort and safety, is now regarded as a workplace necessity and a worthwhile business investment. Thus, choosing the best clothing for each weather condition with the technical capabilities for new materials, computation, and sensing awaits global adoption in the industry. Given the different regulations, standards, and a portfolio of criteria including but not limited to the color, cost, cut, design, and size, certainly there are many factors to consider when choosing the appropriate clothing for most companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, especially in the summer. As might be expected, there are many tips to follow, but the most common tips are:

a. Assess the risk around the workplace
The first factor to consider when choosing the appropriate clothing for the summer is to evaluate the nature of the substances that are found in your workplace. This, however, is subjected to the type of project at hand; oil and gas, electrical or other types of energy-Industry projects. Over time, gases and liquids are often reported by workers and are the two of the substances to consider when choosing your personal protective equipment. Also, you should consider the workplace hazards that are particularly associated with the discharges of the working environment such as stability, fibroblasts, discharges, dermal toxicity, and other types of environmental contamination. In addition, ensure to assess and identify the environmental and physical hazards in your workplace. These could be rough surfaces, machinery, or sharp objects.

b. Fabric selection
Before choosing your favorite fabric for clothing, be sure to understand the type of workplace hazards. In essence, the identified hazard will determine the appropriate personal protective equipment to use. As earlier indicated, workers are more productive when they are comfortable, and their safety is guaranteed. Therefore, it is important to consider selecting breathable, lightweight, and comfortable fabrics for your workers.
It has been found that synthetic fibers have a high permeability rate than natural fibers. Thus, the differences in the degree of ultraviolet transmittance, either through synthetic or natural fibers in the summer depending on the fabric classification. Some manufacturers also reported that blended and natural fabrics transmit less radiation in the summer than that occurs through synthetic fabrics. The wetting, fit, and layering of the fabric have also been identified as important factors to consider when choosing the correct protection company for your workers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular, and the Middle East in general.
A lot of activities result in single and multiple fabric layering such as the exposure to intense heat and high temperature, especially for oil and gas workers in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, if you are working with grime, sand, or any other non-hazardous substances, it is advisable to choose the fabric that has maximum particulate holdout attributes. Choose a fabric with high resistance to external substances (gases, liquid, etc.) but high permeability for vapor, air, and moisture.

C. The size and design of the clothing
Another important factor to consider is the size and design of the clothing to ensure effective use. If the workplace exposure to risk is on average, or even high, employees are expected to have full-body garments. Therefore, evaluating the design of the apparel is as important as the fabric itself. It must also be noted, however, that where the risk of exposure is low, then the clothing may be restricted to the most sensitive parts of the body. Using aprons or sleeve projectors is required in such a working environment. To know the design and size of the apparel that is first your workplace, click here.

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